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Watch of the Week: Fabergé Visionnaire

The chronograph gets an all-new face.


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Agenhor’s watchmaker extraordinaire, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, re-envisions the chronograph concept with a unique dial display and movement.

Inside the Fabergé Visionnaire Chronograph

Leave it to Jean-Marc Wiederrecht of Agenhor, a frequent Fabergé collaborator, to reinvent the wheel. After nearly a decade of on-and-off tinkering, Wiederrecht finally debuts a new way to count time with the AGH 6361 caliber. While the design, which is dominated on the dial by its series of concentric circles, may not be whole unfamiliar to watch collectors (look to Fabergé's 2016 award-winning Visionnaire DTZ), the new timepiece takes the concept further with two new patented Wiederrecht-devised components: the AgenGraph, which organizes the chronograph, atypically, in the center of the movement, and the AgenClutch, a horizontal clutch system that uses surface friction between the driving wheel and central chronograph wheel (via a special coating) instead of teeth. The manual movement offers 60 hours of power reserve.

How It Works

The watch’s regular timekeeping functions are displayed on the outer two circular rings via two luminescent-filled hands pointing to hours and minutes. The chronograph is read via three center circles and their red-tipped hands that track hours, minutes, and seconds. The chronograph can time up to 24 hours (displayed on the center-most circle), up to 60 minutes (displayed on the middle circle), and 60 seconds (read off the third, outer circle).

Price and Availability of the Faberge Visionnaire Chronograph

Deployed first by Fabergé, the Visionnaire Chronograph is offered in two versions: a two-tone titanium and 18-karat gold model for $39,500 (shown here), and a black ceramic and titanium model for $34,500. The watch is available for pre-order this month online at, and will arrive in Faberge boutiques around the world this fall.


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