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Watch of the Week: Dior Grand Bal Piece Unique Galaxie Pavo

This year, the house of Dior Watches put renewed emphasis on its métiers d’arts watches with a series of ten unique pieces unveiled during Baselworld 2017. Here, a closer look at our favorite of the bunch.


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Those familiar with the famed couture house of Dior know that the French brand is renowned for its stunning fashions and opulent ball gowns. In recent years, Dior Timepieces has carved a special niche for itself by turning to the design codes of the Monsieur Dior and deftly incorporating them into the brand’s luxury watches. This year, as a tribute to Christian himself, the brand unveils a series of ten very special Grand Bal Piece Unique watches.

The Story Behind the Grand Bal Piece Unique Galaxie Collection

From his early days, Dior believed in serendipity and was even a bit superstitious. He believed that good things would come if people paid attention to the small signs. He had a lucky number and believed a lucky star guided his destiny. For its latest collection of watches, the House of Dior created a ten-piece collection one-of-a-kind designs that pays homage to its founder and his fascination with the celestial world above.

In a fresh twist on watchmaking, the house used a patented automatic “Dior Inverse” caliber, which situates the automatic oscillating weight of the watch on the dial side (instead of the back) where it can be seen. Dior then elaborately decorated the functional rotor, which is constantly moving as the wrist moves, to create ten one-of-a-kind dial designs, each with its own unique design and configuration of gemstones, all set in highly technical marquetry fashion. The caseback of each watch also features an engraving of a the constellation for which its named.

Main Features of the Dior Grand Bal Piece Unique Galaxie Pavo

The Dior Grand Bal Piece Unique Galaxie Pavo watch measures 36mm in diameter. The face, which is actually the rotor of the Inverse 11-1/2” Caliber, is a disk made of sapphire crystal, adorned with pink- and white-gold inserts and set with triangular and round-cut diamonds. The case is crafted in 18-karat white gold and the white gold bezel is set with round-cut diamonds in a snow setting that juxtaposes different size diamonds for a pave’ look, with brilliants instead of melee diamonds. The crown features a single rose-cut diamond and the gold case back features an engraving of the Pavo constellation with inset round-cut diamonds. The watch features a total of 422 diamonds, weighting 2.42 carats in all. The watch is finished with a green graduated patent-leather calfskin strap that shades to black.

Price and Availability of the Dior Grand Bal Piece Unique Galaxie Pavo

The Dior Grand Bal Piece Unique Galaxie Pavo watch, along with the other nine one-of-a-kind pieces, currently resides in Paris at the Dior flagship. (But the brand can ship it to any of their boutiques around the world should a customer wish to inquire). The unique timepiece retails for approximately $165,000.


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