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Spring Nail Colors That Will Make You Forget All About Winter

Like a butterfly fresh from a cocoon or a bear out of its cave, spring is the time for your nails to re-emerge into the world.


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It's looking like all the trendiest nails will be putting on quite a spectacular show when they debut this season. Spring 2020 will be all about statement. But luckily there are as many statements as there are points of view. Nostalgists can harken back to the ‘90s with an acid color equally beloved by punks and children. Those who prefer something more graphic can opt for any one of this season’s bold colors that delivers a visual knock-out. Vamps can go for deep, glossy varnishes while magpies can festoon themselves in glitter. And hey, even minimal and understated polishes can make quite a statement.

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Shed off the gloves, rolls your sleeves up past your elbows and prepare your hands to make a very colorful re-entry into the world.


This spring’s coolest color perhaps comes out of left field. It’s not the most exciting, but that’s what’s so delightful about it. Choose gray for a cool look that does anything but blend in.

To buy: $18;

Noir Interdit 04 by Givenchy Beauty

Nails this season are a canvas for drama. If you opt for black, choose a high-varnish finish that you’ll be able to see yourself in.

To buy: $30;

Take Fountain by Smith & Cult

Basically: feel free to add glitter to anything this season. Spring 2020 is the time to indulge your inner magpie manicurist.

To buy: $18;

Electric Banana by Manic Panic

If you pine for the days of “Slime Time Live” and an almost-sickly green, spring 2020 has you covered. Paint your digits acid green. It looks great with a Trapper Keeper.

To buy: $6;

Metalinudes Irisa by Christian Louboutin Beauty

Metallics came in strong last year and the trend isn’t going anywhere.

To buy: $50;

Amazing Grace by Deborah Lippman

Take your black nail polish and maximize it with a graphic white. Whether you opt for gingham or a pop ‘60s swirl, this pair of opposites is a bold way to play with this season’s powerful nail art styles.

To buy: $15;

Nostalgia by Jin Soon

Create a base with this noninvasive color. For the ultimate spring 2020 look, use a brightly-colored hued for some minimal designs on top of your nude coat.

To buy: $18;

Kundalini Hustle by Smith & Cult

Red nails will never, ever go out of style. This year, the classic shade looks most of-the-moment when painted with a high-impact gloss finish.

To buy: $20;

Pillow Pie by Smith & Cult

Keep things sweet with a peachy pink. It’s nearly neutral to play nice with whatever you’re wearing—but talkative enough to keep things bubbly.

To buy: $18;


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