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The Best Places to Buy Leather Jackets Around the World

These leather jackets, from South Africa to Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, offer some of the best luxury outerwear on the market.


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Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple that every luxury traveler should have in their fashion arsenal. The versatility of leather jackets, both from season to season and from day to night, can get you through weeks of travel in different climates and locales. And much like purchasing a well-made pair of sunglasses or boots, a jacket made from premium leather will last. If you’re in the market for a new leather jacket before your spring travel schedule gets underway, consider one of these global leather jacket retailers:

Drybone Co.

A Jo’burg-based South African brand, Drybone Co. is located in artists’ hub Victoria Yards, also home to sustainable denim favorite of Meghan Markle’s, Tshepo The Jean Maker. Visiting the store in Johannesburg is a treat, with David Bowie prints dotting the walls, a great selection of books, and Pink Floyd t-shirts for sale in addition to the high-quality leather jackets. The jackets themselves—for both men and women—are designed with a healthy dose of grit, featuring weathered patterns and biker-esque collars. And to top off this leather retailer’s story, the founder of Drybone is a self-taught designer who has now gained recognition for his leatherwork on the global fashion stage.

Schott NYC

Schott NYC is still widely associated with the rock movement of the ‘70s and ‘80s, which stands to reason as nearly everyone who played CBGB in either decade wore a Schott leather jacket. The legacy of Schott jackets started much earlier, though—the Schott brothers started their jacket business in the Lower East Side in 1913 making raincoats. More than a century later, Schott is still going strong, with flagship stores in NYC, LA, San Francisco, and Chicago. One of their most popular styles as of late is the 3Sixteen X Schott Horween motorcycle leather jacket.


No collection of leather jacket stores is complete without an Italian leather house. When in Rome, visiting the family-owned PuntoPelle is a must for leather aficionados. Their leathers are sourced from Europe and Africa and tanned in Italy. Visit their “laboratory” on Via Margutta 45, in the heart of Rome, where owner Sefa Sergin designs each piece. Sergin will do unique custom pieces, or luxury shoppers can choose from PuntoPelle’s existing collection of Men’s and Women’s leather jackets.

No, No, Yes!

No, No, Yes! is a Japanese retailer founded in Kobe, which is in Hyōgo Prefecture, the known leather capital of Japan. A collaboration between two high school classmates, Taichiro Hashimoto, who went into fashion and Makoto Kawamura, who honed in on graphic design. Both poised to do something exceptional in the creative space, they founded No, No, Yes! a clothing brand with a specific focus on leather, because of its “lasting appeal” and its “ability to tell different tales,” as explained on their website. For their high-end, bespoke leather pieces, explore their Animale & Vegetale online lookbook or visit their Japan or global stockists.

All Saints

A UK retailer, All Saints has quickly become a go-to luxury leather jacket purveyor. All Saints fills the luxury streetwear niche seamlessly, and has since its inception in 1994. For women’s leather jackets, their biker style—like the Balfern Leather Biker Jacket—is the signature All Saints look. Though it’s easy to branch out to reflect your individual style with different leather colors or shearling accents, as with the Maizie 2-in-1 Leather Biker Jacket. The men’s biker jackets are also a classic, see their Milo or Conroy styles, while the Mason Leather Bomber Jacket takes more of a sleek, refined approach.


An outerwear company since 1973, Overland is known for their focus on wool coats, but their foray into leather jackets has been well received. Their women’s biker-chic Chelsea Lambskin Leather Moto Jacket is a fan-favorite, though their Azure-Washed or Tribeca Spanish styles are perfect for an office-appropriate jacket with a slight edge. On the men’s side, the “built to last” Overland leather jackets run from motorcycle jackets to bombers to leather blazers, each extremely warm and wearable from day to night.


Superdry challenges the norms of Americana design by bringing Japanese and British style into the fold. The Japanese-inspired, UK-bred company started in Cheltenham Market and is now in 46 countries. Though founded in 2002, Superdry really took off toward the tail end of the ‘00s. From the jump, the brand was known for its outerwear, and they had a surprising market advantage over many competitors: The brand was equally appealing to 20-somethings, 50-somethings, and nearly every age in between. Their men’s leather jackets range from their Premium Classic—a more worn-leather look—to the Curtis jacket, a professional look, and the Icon Brad, for a more dressed-up occasion. The women’s leather jackets are biker-esque; their Premium Leather Biker Jacket is a perfect day-to-night piece.


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