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You Can Sit in This Life-size LEGO Replica of the McLaren Senna—and It Turns On

McLaren has done it again, designing the ultimate life-size LEGO creation.


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As if McLaren Automotive needed another way to get ahead of the rest (so to speak), the purveyor of luxury, high-performance sports vehicles has just unveiled its most challenging and realistic joint project ever, made with LEGO. After nearly 5,000 hours of assembly and the work of 42 members of the LEGO build team, this full-scale LEGO McLaren Senna, complete with motor simulation, was realized.

Weighing in at nearly 3,350 pounds, the vehicle is comprised of nearly half a million separate components. While most of these are LEGOs, of course––one metric ton's worth, in fact––the McLaren and LEGO teams' ambition went beyond simply building a life-sized LEGO object. They used twice as many bricks for the LEGO McLaren Senna vehicle, compared to the LEGO McLaren 720S that was built last year. In addition, this is the first LEGO McLaren to use actual interior parts from a real car.

That's right––this LEGO creation has lightweight carbon-fiber seats, a steering wheel, pedals, and an engine surrounded by supporting parts (calipers and brake discs) made of LEGOs. This brick Senna's dihedral, or butterfly, doors and "on" button, accurately located on the interior ceiling above the driver's seat, function similarly to, if not in the same way as, the real McLaren Senna. You are actually able to sit in this life-size LEGO project and experience the unparalleled design of a McLaren. Parts originally found in the real Senna, like the fitted McLaren badges and Pirelli tires, are exactly as specified on the actual car, making this creation a surreal examination of both LEGO craftsmanship and McLaren automotive expertise.

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This incredible creation will be going on tour. Beginning the summer of and throughout 2019, fans of McLaren and LEGO will be able to sit inside this wonder of ingenuity and be able to turn it on, spin the wheel, and all but drive it around the block.


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