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The world’s leading platform for modern and contemporary art, Frieze puts on four of the most anticipated international art shows each year–and now it’s added to its roster of exhibitions with Frieze Sculpture. 25 artists from 5 continents will be presented in London’s Regent Park, in the heart of the city, over the course of three months this summer. The free, outdoor display drew five million visitors last year, and this edition promises to be just as wide-ranging in its content, offering a snapshot of what sculpture and installation art looks like today. Female artists and emerging talents will be especially spotlighted amongst the works, which, curator Clare Lilley says, “come together and explore multiple concepts, spanning political and architectural ideas, animal forms and material experimentation.”

Highlights include Larry Achiampong’s Afrofuturistic Pan African Flags; Michelle Mathison’s street lamp sculptures contemplating civil collapse and decay; Dan Graham’s viewer-activated glass pavilion; a “lyrical flock” by Tracey Emin, and a quartet of figures by Rachel Feinstein. It’s the perfect excuse to wander the beautiful English Gardens of the park, whether you’re an avid collector or merely an open-minded art aficionado keen to see a well-chosen selection of the most imaginative sculpture and installation artists working today. July 4-Oct. 7.


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