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Masked Men Steal Banksy Mural Honoring Bataclan Victims in Paris

It was removed from its home on an emergency door at the scene of a terrorist attack.


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On January 25, a painting done by Banksy to memorialize the victims of the 2015 attack on the Bataclan venue in Paris was stolen by a so far unidentified group of vandals.

The work—which depicted a girl stenciled in white paint with her eyes toward the ground—was removed with a pair of angle grinders, reports High Snobiety. The thieves were caught in the act on surveillance footage and an investigation is currently underway to identify the suspects. A screwdriver was found near the scene and there was an additional witness: a waitress who saw three suspicious individuals and a white truck near the would-be scene of the crime.

The mural was estimated to be worth millions of dollars, according to USA Today. François Vauglin, mayor of the 11th district in Paris, shared a few words on the robbery with French TV station LCI: "This silhouette was made by the artist for free, it was an altruistic gesture to pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack and their loved ones, and I find it very sad that people have grabbed it without thinking about it all represents.”

The Bataclan venue tweeted about the incident on January 26, sharing the unfortunate news: “We are today filled with a deep sense of indignation… Banksy’s work, a symbol of recollection and belonging to all: locals, Parisians, citizens of the world, has been taken from us.”


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