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American Express Giving Alicia Keys' Fans a Virtual Performance of Her New Music

Just another American Express Experiences event to add to your calendar.


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American Express is known for giving its Card Members some of the best access to entertainment. The credit card company offered a live stream event featuring Jagged Little Pill and Alanis Morissette and released archived productions from NYC’s Joe’s Pub. Now, they’re hosting a one-of-a-kind musical and artistic experience with Alicia Keys for Card Members and music fans alike from the comfort of their own homes.

On September 18th (6 p.m. ET), American Express will be teaming up with the Grammy Award winner to give fans exclusive access to her new album, ALICIA, which releases the same day. Fans will be able to RSVP for the free virtual performance starting today, here. And for the special event, Card Members will have access to an enhanced live stream, which includes “Behind the Stream” content at the end of her performance. They will also have the opportunity to purchase a a curated piece of merchandise as well as an intimate virtual meet-and-greet with Alicia.

The experience will be hosted on the "American Express UNSTAGED" platform, a digital musical experience platform.

“We launched ‘American Express UNSTAGED’ in 2010 to connect millions of Card Members and music fans around the world to renowned entertainers,” said Brandy Sanders, Vice President, Global Entertainment Partnerships & Experiences, American Express. “With the current climate, virtual experiences have become even more important to our Card Members, so we are thrilled to be able to provide them and the public with a one-time-only virtual performance the day of her new album release.”

This event comes after Keys recently opened up to Rolling Stone about how she and her husband Swizz Beatz turned to music to help survive the quarantine.

“I love classics: Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill,” Keys said. “There’s one artist that I’m super loving named Chika. DJ Tony Touch is somebody that I’ll play a lot if he’ll do a radio show, and just the energy feels really good. I also love meditative music if I’m feeling a little more down or just a little bit more anxious.”

So for music fans who are looking for an unforgettable show, mark your calendars. Keys will be hitting the digital stage at 6 p.m. September, 18 to showcase some of her newest songs—just remember to RSVP.


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