Amazing Private Safaris

Whether primate watching in Rwanda or cruising the Amazon River for dolphin sightings, exclusive safaris provide unbeatable wilderness access.

Courtesy of Singita
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Private Safari: Singita Sweni Lodge, South Africa

Located within a private concession of Kruger National Park, the six suites at Singita Sweni Lodge are elevated on stilts to provide a secluded game-viewing platform reminiscent of an eagle’s nest (if eagles had WiFi, outdoor showers and daybeds, that is). Guests plan their own game-drive schedule and can fully expect to see the big five—lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, Cape buffalo—along with rarer, more brag-worthy animals like black rhinos, sable antelopes and a trio of the world’s most unusual big cats: the serval (with the body of a cheetah and the ears of a bat), the caracal (a bobcat-like feline once used as a hunting companion) and the African wildcat. From $10,150 a night (including meals and drinks); 12-person capacity; 27-21/683-3424;