Amazing First-Class Air Cabins

Exquisite multi-course meals, designer bedding, and on-board showers make flying these first-class cabins an absolute delight. 

Courtesy Etihad Airways
OF 13

In today’s competitive market, a first-class ticket gets you a lot more than extra legroom and a palatable meal. These days, designer amenities, plush duvets, 100-plus entertainment options, and meals conceptualized by celebrity chefs are practically a given, with airlines going above and beyond to deliver that special touch.

Increasingly, first-class seats—especially those cruising over international waters—are made to imitate hotel rooms, with some airlines even teaming up with top-notch properties to provide high-quality bedding. Ergonomic memory foam mattresses and 500-thread count blankets make grueling intercontinental journeys much less painful. Emirates and Etihad offer on-board showers and lounges for socializing. Others offer personal closets or virtual reality TV.

They say it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters. Who says travel can’t be pampering all the while?