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Land Rover LR2

Pulling away from Le Place d’Armes Hôtel & Suites (55 Rue Saint-Jacques W.; 514-842-1887; in the new Land Rover LR2, we thought the car seemed a bit excessive for the streets of downtown Montreal. But the situation changed dramatically as we headed north toward the ski resort of Mont Tremblant, where we found a muddy and rutted dirt road that turned icy and white as the temperature dropped and snow began to fall. When one wheel unavoidably loses contact with the ground, you begin to appreciate many of the LR2’s capabilities. The lighter-weight, 240-horsepower, 2-liter turbocharged engine (borrowed from the Range Rover Evoque) offers more horsepower, torque and efficiency than the engine in previous LR2 incarnations. The terrain-response system that adapts vehicle performance to four different kinds of road conditions is a plus. (When our wheel returned to earth, the landing was not the bone-jarring experience we anticipated.) The hill-descent control should be mandatory in all vehicles. From $37,295 to $42,350;