Air New Zealand

Where Brilliant Ideas Take Flight

New Zealanders have that unique point of view that comes from growing up in an island nation with a natural and genuine curiosity to question and challenge the status quo. They also have the urge to challenge and surpass the status quo. Both Sir Edmund Hillary’s ascent to Everest and the award-winning film triumphs of another famous countryman epitomize the country’s can-do attitude.

In the same way that New Zealand is no ordinary place, national carrier Air New Zealand is no ordinary airline. It boasts one of the youngest and most technologically advanced long-haul fleets in the world.1 A deluge of awards2 attests to the airline’s quality and embrace of new ideas and creative solutions.  

Even aircraft exteriors are unique: Air New Zealand is rolling out a distinctive new livery featuring the carrier's traditional koru and New Zealand fern designs in stunning black and white. And the new A320 aircrafts feature fuel-conserving Sharklet wing tip devices.

3 Ups / 1 Down

Air New Zealand is in a constant state of motion–and it’s also in a constant state of evolution. As a passenger, you’re welcome to:

  • Pair Up: The spa-like Premium Economy Class cabin has special seats (in striking white) designed so that couples can dine and cuddle together. While seats for singles help those travelers get work done and rest.
  • One Up: Even getting an upgrade is a playful experience. The OneUp system allows Air New Zealand’s Airpoint members to bid on moving to the next class of service. Economy class ticket holders can make an offer to upgrade to Premium Economy. Passengers with a Premium Economy ticket can bid for a space in Business Premier. When seats are available, they go to the highest bidder a few days before takeoff.3
  • Drink Up: Twice a year, a panel of judges conducts blind wine tastings of select wines for each class on Air New Zealand. The airline’s portfolio of New Zealand wines is presented in an onboard guide featuring the country’s winemaking regions.
  • Lie Down: The Business Premier lie-flat bed folds over and out, so you won’t feel anything but comfortable.  And thanks to the thick mattress, fluffy duvet and two soft pillows, the time will fly by.

Connect with Air New Zealand

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1 Air New Zealand is a winner of the global sustainable tourism award, and our fleet averages only 9 years old with only 8.25 hours utilization a day. 

2 In both 2010 and 2012, Air New Zealand was named Airline of the Year by Air Transport World magazine. And in every year since 2009 the World Travel Awards has ranked Air New Zealand as Australasia's leading airline. Air New Zealand is a member of Star Alliance.

3 Members may submit an offer for an upgrade from one Service Class to the next Service Class under the OneUp Terms and Conditions. If a Member wishes to make an offer for a OneUp Upgrade under the OneUp Terms and Conditions, that Member must log on and submit their offer at myairnz. To log on to myairnz, a Member must first register at myairnz. Members may submit, revise or cancel their OneUp Upgrade offers online at at any time prior to 7 days (168 hours) from the scheduled departure time of the flight booking.