8 Ways to do Everglades National Park Right

From wading waist-deep through the swamp to witnessing gators under a full moon to kayaking through islets, visiting the park can be a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Marek Zuk / Alamy
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Bike with Gators

The Everglades’s closest access point to Miami, Shark Valley features a flat and easy 15-mile bike loop that doubles as a bustling wildlife hot spot in the Shark River Slough, the marshy river known as the River of Grass. Rent an old-school two-wheeler near the park entrance and prepare to stop at natural roadblocks—Shark Valley’s prolific sunbathing alligators—and come upon huge wading birds. The halfway point is the Everglades lookout tower and its surrounding watering hole, great for panoramic shots of the park. A tram runs regularly for the less physically inclined or gator-intimidated (sharkvalleytramtours.com).

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