Photo by John Willey

New York City

Firm Description
Kipton Cronkite founded @60inches.com as a direct resource for online shoppers to purchase work by sought-after, emerging artists. In addition, the firm acts as a personal art advisor, leveraging Cronkite's experience on blue chip works in the secondary market. Recent curatorial projects include installations at the Mercedes VIP lounge during New York Fashion Week in February and Art Basel Miami last year.

Approach to Residential Design
When considering art for a residence, Cronkite strongly believes the purchase should ideally be based on attraction. By choosing art to match an interior, owners may miss the presence of art that brings joy. Although aesthetic styles change, Cronkite advises work based on research of the artist and the long-term investment opportunity.

Distinguishing Characteristics
For over 10 years, Cronkite has been dedicated to identifying the next wave of artistic talent. While most art advisors focus on the decorative or investment aspects, his style blends the two. He researches each artist and explores factors such as their education and exhibition history, along with curator and gallerist opinions. Above all, he keeps a pulse on the art scene through longstanding relationships with museum curators and gallery directors. His past experience as a finance executive means he expertly speaks to his clients about long-term investment possibilities.

Work Influences
"The artists I serve and represent influence me deeply.  Every day, I strive to execute sales, reach new clients and build credibility with art world insiders, says Cronkite. "I take my responsibility serving our artists seriously and do whatever I can to reach a new audience of buyers and patrons." He also looks to his mother as a positive role model and admires how she built her own successful real estate business in Oklahoma.

Year founded: 2013
Number of employees: 4
Services:  Art advisory

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