Walker Warner Architects

Walker Warner Architects
San Francisco

Walker Warner Architects goal is to create enduring architecture for inspired living. They believe architecture should be artfully expressive and responsive to the natural beauty of the site. Their work is informed, from concept to completion, by the highest levels of quality, integrity and craftsmanship.

Approach to Residential Design
For the architects, thoughtful residential design emerges through the collaborative process of listening to, learning from and engaging with clients. Equally important is the study of the conditions and natural features of the landscape, character of any existing structures, and context created by the surroundings. This exploration provides a rich source of ideas that inform the entire design process and help to create a site-specific design solution.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Rather than developing a single style, Walker Warner creates site specific and contextually appropriate architecture. Their work reflects the unique environment of each project with a thoughtful selection of natural and enduring building materials. The result is unparalleled architecture characterized by fine craft, longevity, and most importantly, livability.

Work Influences
Walker Warner finds inspiration from successful regional architects and firms, such as William Wurster in the Bay Area for his simplicity and precision and Vladimir Ossipoff in Hawaii for the contextual appropriateness of his work. Walker Warner’s work is an evolution of regional architecture, responsive to the site and aesthetically revered and relevant throughout time.


Year founded: 1989
Number of employees: 38
Services: Architecture


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