Studio Bartleby

Studio Bartleby
Brooklyn, NY

Studio Bartleby is an interior design, furniture and textile design studio. Two recent residential projects include a TriBeCa loft for a young couple and a family weekend home in the Connecticut countryside. The studio also produces Bartleby Objects, its own line of furniture, objet d’art and accessories. 

Approach to Residential Design
Studio Bartleby focuses on making spaces and objects that respond to context. They investigate the possibilities of space, translate clients’ inspirations, and provide guidance through the sometimes lengthy process of concept to completion. Principal Mary L. Chan designs spaces that effortlessly combine the personal needs of the client with formal fundamentals of design: texture, color, proportion and light. The studio is dedicated to the belief that there are many ways to be beautiful and useful.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Because the studio prizes the specific, they produce their own construction drawings, material samples and prototypes. They're also actively engaged in the process of making of all elements. "With equal weight, we consider how a space will look during a grand party and how it will feel when someone is fixing toast for themselves," says Chan. As designers, they relish projects that call for nuance and research, and where they may apply a steady hand and a broad mind. While they enjoy trends, they prefer more lasting designs.

Work Influences
Chan is most influenced by artists and craftspeople of varied disciplines. She is particularly touched by the novelist, painters and choreographers who leave space for the imagination while describing the emotional richness of the quotidian experience. Favorites include Stefan Zweig, Trisha Brown and Muiccia Prada.

Year founded: 2006
Number of employees: 2
Services: Interior architectural design, construction management, space planning; sourcing, design and fabrication of bespoke surface finishes, cabinet work, furniture and textiles


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