S.R. Gambrel

S.R. Gambrel
New York City

S.R. Gambrel specializes in large-scale private residences where details can be developed with care and attention to reflect a client’s wishes and to create unique architecture and interiors.

Approach to Residential Design
Each project is researched so that the architecture reflects the vernacular spirit of the environment, while also creating unusual detailing that feels unique to that individual client and residence. The detailing becomes layers of materials and surfaces, which help inform the spaces with meaning and patina. As a result, the rooms are easy to use, warm and spirited.

Distinguishing Characteristics
The designers tend to see rooms and houses as complete “sets” for living.  "I feel like an installation must include every single detail so that moving in is like starting a new experience," explains Gambrel. "I know that spaces evolve, but I want it to feel like a complete 'story' even on the first day. This level of detailing and unique content seems unusual to me."

Work Influences
The study of historical houses, especially through travel to countries with layers of history that show buildings that have changed over time and have been added onto successfully for centuries. Understanding these layers helps new construction feel layered, complex, timeless and personal.

Year founded: 1997
Number of employees: 12
Services: Interior design and architecture services


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