Ohlhausen DuBois Architects

Ohlhausen DuBois Architects
New York City

A sublime connection to the landscape is the hallmark of residences by Mark DuBois, founder and principal designer of Ohlhausen DuBois Architects.  Whether in the high deserts of Santa Fe or the lush gardens of Long Island, each home responds to what is unique about its environment. Notable projects include a Santa Fe residence in a spectacular desert setting, a San Antonio home positioned among majestic live oaks, and a redesigned 1950s ranch house in Sands Point, Long Island, reborn as a glass pavilion amid a lush, mature landscape.

Approach to Residential Design
The architect's design process starts with understanding his clients’ aspirations for their new house as a place to be with family, with friends, and by themselves. This forms the basis for composing the house and exploring how the house and site can be designed together to create the ideal home. The feeling of being connected to the site and the landscape elevates a house to become a truly unique and fulfilling place to live.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Along with creating expansive houses that flow into the landscape, DuBois focuses on what makes a home warm, livable and comfortable. He seeks a balance between exciting moments such as walls of glass and floating roofs—airy, gracious spaces for entertaining and memorable places to share big and small occasions—and intimate places to sit, read and relax.  The experience of being in your house is to make your life feel special.

Work Influences
Contemporary art and sculpture is a continual inspiration for what it shows us about the qualities of materials, light, forms and environments. "I’m always curious about how we experience a place, how it makes us feel" says DuBois. "I’m drawn to the changing play of light, to the solidity and weight of concrete and stone, to the comfort of enclosure, and to exhilaration of open spaces."  Great site and landscape design is another source of ideas and possibilities, particularly the harmonious weaving together of natural and man-made elements.

Year founded: 1996
Number of employees: 8
Services: Architecture, interiors, landscape


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