MLK Studio

MLK Studio
West Hollywood, California

International interior design firm MLK Studio offers client-centric services to design and develop luxurious private residences. Their clean, modern and distinctive style harmonizes interiors with forward-thinking architecture. Projects range from 12,000 square feet to a 40,000-square-foot villa in Dubai.

Approach to Residential Design
The design process of MLK Studio principal Meg Joannides begins with the client—their lifestyle, desires and culture.  With that, she contemplates the architecture to create an interiors scheme that will harmonize seamlessly. The result is a single creative concept that expresses the essence of the client, as well as of the property itself. 

Joining a project during its early stages always yields the best results. "I can plan my vision side-by-side with the architect, paying attention to all details of the space planning as well as the interior architecture, so we can infuse our unique aesthetic," she explains.

Distinguishing Characteristics
The firm's aesthetic and business practices reflect a combination of Joannides' education, her many years of corporate experience, and vast exposure to international design. She says her pioneering modern style is not cold or sterile, and still works beautifully with innovative architecture.

Work Influences
Joannides is deeply influenced by the talented architects who create the residences she designs for. The surroundings and location of each individual project always make an impression and drive the choices of materials. An inveterate traveler, Joannides is continually inspired by her business and leisure trips nationally and internationally.


Year founded: 2001
Number of employees: 3
Services: Full-service interior design


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