Michael J. Valente

Michael J. Valente
New York City

Michael J. Valente is an internationally recognized boutique design firm that offers comprehensive interior, architectural and landscape design services in addition to complete project management. They engage in new construction, renovation and restoration. Although their work is primarily residential, they've completed commercial work for clients. International projects range in scope from pieds-a-terre to expansive estates. 

Approach to Residential Design
Although projects vary greatly in style, size, type and location, the approach is always the same. It begins with understanding the clients’ lifestyle, interests and vision. To move projects forward, the firm interjects its enlightened point of view, creativity, focus, balance and direction, as well as its preference for referencing historic precedence and the integration of interior, architectural and landscape design elements.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Quality is the most recognizable distinction. Valente collaborates with artisans, craftspeople, workrooms, galleries and studios all over the world to create the elements that will distinguish his clients’ projects. In the process the firm insists on the highest level of quality and distinctiveness in the materials used while seeking out the most creative talent and energy to execute the designs.

Work Influences
Valente's unending curiosity, his life experiences and how they affect his senses are the most important influences.  “What I do is a synthesis of everything I take in on a daily basis, no matter where I am, what I am doing or who I am with," says Valente. "It all relates back to living life and creating compelling environments to live it in.”

Year founded: 1990
Number of employees: 5
Services: Interior design and decoration, architectural design, landscape design and complete project management


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