Meyer Davis

Meyer Davis
New York City

Meyer Davis is a New York City-based design boutique founded by Will Meyer and Gray Davis. The studio ethos is client focused, with every project reflecting a unique and powerful story. Meyer Davis weaves bold design moves and striking details to ensure their work—from new construction to historical renovations to city lofts—has an immediate and lasting impact. Recently they completed a ground-up residence in Nashville.

Approach to Residential Design
Residential design is a two-way process for Meyer Davis. It gives clients an opportunity to learn about design and to have fun along the way. For the studio, each project offers an exciting challenge and opportunity to make the client's vision a reality, while adding their own details and expertise. They encourage a constant dialogue throughout the design process and are delighted when clients contribute to inspiration boards.

The architects consider the long-term impact of design decisions, material choices and furniture selection. For residential spaces, they frequently design custom lighting and introduce a few unexpected materials or furniture pieces to start a conversation when clients are entertaining.


Distinguishing Characteristics
Meyer Davis creates comfortable, eclectic and inviting spaces that compel on multiple levels. Close attention is carried through, from strong architectural details to thoughtful custom furniture and lighting design, material combinations, and art curation. They're believers in the power of restraint, knowing that intelligent subtraction allows the best details to sing.



Work Influences
Great or small details, such as a material’s beautiful natural texture or the hardware on an old boat, can serve as a starting point for any project. The studio keeps an evolving library of art and design books to use as source material, and is always on the lookout for new inspiration. They combine these unique details that intrigue them to create unexpected solutions and environments with a character all their own.


Year founded: 1999
Number of employees: 30
Services: Architecture, interior design, custom lighting


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