Jeff Lincoln Interiors

Jeff Lincoln Interiors
New York City

Jeff Lincoln Interiors specializes in a high-end, bespoke approach in which the architecture, client desires, and location are considered for a unique result project-by-project. The firm recently refurbished the 1980s super-yacht "Octopussy," redesigned The Tuscany Hotel in New York City, and completed a mountain residence in Telluride, Colorado. The firm has offices New York City; Locust Valley, New York, and Vero Beach, Florida.

Approach to Residential Design
Lincoln's goal is to impart a lasting, classical and appropriate design concept based in traditional design with contemporary inflections. Growing up, he was exposed to interior design and its history, as his mother was in textile design and his father an interior designer. An innate respect for period design of all eras informs his work. "A basic, architecturally-grounded approach is the bulwark of the design process with color and comfort as integral aspects of every project," he says. "Clients don't come to me for beige."

Distinguishing Characteristics
For Lincoln, no two projects are alike, as he provides a unique vision for each client and custom-tailored detail. He mixes contemporary art with period antiques and custom designs he creates. The result is always one-of-a-kind. He maintains a "hidden hand" so the client and home are the star attractions.

Work Influences
He cites influences from Mark Hampton to Billy Baldwin, Michael Taylor to William Haines, from 18th century English country house décor to 1940s French designers Jean-Michel Frank and Diego Giacometti. Recently, midcentury Italian masters, including Gio Ponti, Gino Sarfatti, Max Ingrand, Ico Parisi and Paolo Buffa, have inspired his work.

Year founded: 1996
Number of employees: 4
Services: Interior design and decoration


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