Jay Hargrave Architecture

Jay Hargrave Architecture
Austin, Texas

Jay Hargrave Architecture not only designs clients’ homes, they build them. This hands-on expertise in fabrication and construction informs the design solutions they provide clients. The Glass Ranch House on the Texas prairie epitomizes their iconic approach, with careful sensitivity to the environment and a modern, yet warm, style.

Approach to Residential Design
"The schematic phase is the seed from which everything else is produced in our firm," explains Hargrave. The client submits photos and descriptions representing their perspective and desires, which is combined with the overall project description, budget and preliminary sketches. The firm reviews this complete binder and conducts supplemental research. A series of pre-design meetings ensure the client and firm are in agreement and excited about the proposed design. "We prioritize each project in order of importance, leading with the project program, then the client's aesthetic preferences, durability and sustainability variables, and the firm's collective architectural knowledge," says Hargrave. The schematic phase concludes with a final client presentation including finished models, plans and a detailed budget.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Because the firm actually constructs buildings, components and furniture, they design to build and know how to build what they design. This fundamental approach makes the design process more efficient and offers clients increased product value. Acting as general contractor and a single point of contact enhances the value through to project completion.

Work Influences
As architects, they're influenced by their surroundings, art, machinery, nature, clients and the work of their peers. What differentiates Jay Hargrave Architecture from other firms is their growing body of technical knowledge, their capabilities as craftspeople, and their capacity to see relevance in form and detail outside the typical architectural purview.


Founded: 1995
Number of employees: 5 full-time
Services: Architecture and planning, general contracting, wood and steel fabrication, landscape design and installation


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