Carney Logan Burke Architects

Carney Logan Burke Architects

Jackson, WY

Scottsdale, AZ

The power of landscape, quality of light, and a minimalist architectural vernacular influence the work of Carney Logan Burke Architects. Since its founding more than two decades ago, the Jackson, Wyo.-based firm has earned a reputation for work that is sensitive to context and thoughtful in execution. The 30-person team approaches each project with the firm’s guiding philosophy, "Inspired by Place." 


Approach to Residential Design
Using insights gained from practicing in the extreme environment of the western Rocky Mountains, Carney Logan Burke Architects advocates unassuming, straightforward building solutions that derive from and respond to their specific sites. The work is shaped by the landscape it inhabits and is respectful of both tradition and cultural context. Interior finishes and fixtures also receive meticulous consideration in the development of every project. In all aspects of design, they aim beyond utility to realize projects of a high standard of performance.



Distinguishing Characteristics
The firm has completed a variety of projects over the past 22 years, including a visitor center, a performing arts theatre, resort work and striking affordable housing. While there is a broad spectrum, custom residential design is their real forte. The firm's collaborative process enables them to engage clients, resulting in a portfolio with a diverse set of designs, each responsive to a particular set of conditions. Even though they do not embrace a singular style, their philosophy and design precepts make their work unmistakable.


Work Influences
Their main office in Jackson is surrounded by an incredible landscape, including two national parks. "The outdoor experience is an integral part of our lives and has a profound effect on our practice," says principal Eric Logan. "We carefully consider a project’s environment and the responsibility of building in any landscape weighs heavily. This genuine appreciation for a region’s scenic splendor, and its loyal inhabitants, plays a vital role in the simple, honest building solutions for which we are known."

Year founded:  1992
Number of employees: 30
Services:  Architecture, interior design, planning


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