1100 Architect

Photo by Peter Aaron/OTTO

1100 Architect
New York, Frankfurt

Firm Description
1100 Architect is known for works of architecture that are timeless expressions of place, distinctive and modern, while thoughtful about site, setting and environment. They believe that design excellence—expressed in architecture that is functional, embracing and humanistic, and universally accessible—inspires people and improves the quality of life, thereby making an affirmative, lasting impact on individuals and communities alike.

Approach to Residential Design
1100 Architect's approach to residential design begins in a collaborative dialogue with their client. A deep awareness of how human proportion, natural light, and material integrity affect space is integral to this process. The architects synthesize and distill information from the collaborative process, including the client's goals and the nuances of their site or building, into a design vision that fulfills the client's needs and realizes their desires.

Residential designs are inspired by site conditions and houses are conceived as buildings attuned with the existing environment. Transparency and a high attention to craft in the architecture manifest open, communicative, and symbolic interactions in homes of quality and timelessness.

Distinguishing Characteristics
1100 Architect engages each project with a unique process of collaboration, research, and discovery. They ask clients incisive questions and are attentive listeners throughout their project. As seasoned, keen advocates of their clients’ interests, they are highly responsive, insightful and efficient; they enjoy the process of designing as much as the product.

Work Influences
Art and architecture have always been inextricably linked for 1100. Early in the architects' careers, collaborations with artists informed their thoughts and approach to design. “Artists care about materials, space, and light. We founded 1100 around an appreciation for the craft associated with our passion,” says principal Juergen Riehm.

Year founded: 1983
Number of employees: 45
Services: Architectural design, programming analysis and master planning

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