10 Excellent Vegan Restaurants

The chefs at these hot spots take the plant-based diet in exciting new directions.

Courtesy Little Pine
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Opening a vegan restaurant is for chefs who either have a conscience or like a challenge—and most often, both. Cooking without meat, dairy, or other animal products (even honey in some cases) requires an entirely new kind of culinary creativity, which has brought a new breed of fearless yet elegant meatless eateries to the fore.

Take Philadelphia’s Vedge, led by star chef Richard Landau and perhaps the finest vegan restaurant in the country at the moment, which serves dishes like eggplant braciole (smoked eggplant, cured olive puree, and a Sicilian salsa verde). Crossroads in Los Angeles and its chef Tal Ronnen focus on flavorful Mediterranean small plates. And Kindred, a new bar in San Diego, matches unusual cocktails with inventive, animal-free treats.

Whether you’re a longtime vegan or just experimenting, here are ten restaurants to try.