10 New York Cocktail Bars

At these city watering holes, hospitality—as well as a mean drink—comes with a personable twist.

Jakob Layman
OF 12

Pouring Ribbons

“There’s a sense of trust when you get a really good drink,” says Jason Cott, partner at Pouring Ribbons, a second-floor cocktail social scene in the East Village. With generous space and some standing room, it’s a stylish antidote to seated-only, conventional cocktail bars. “We aren’t going to shush you,” Cott says. The menu, which conveniently tucks into a slot at every table, offers a helpful grid, allowing customers to visualize how refreshing, adventurous or spirit-forward their drink choice will be. Bartender’s choice: For warm weather, try something refreshing with a challenging backbone, like the Death & Taxes (Dorothy Parker Gin, lemon juice, Clear Creek Distillery Blue Plum Brandy, lavender-infused Cinzano Bianco vermouth, grapefruit bitters). 225 Ave. B; 917-656-6788; pouringribbons.com.