10 Movies to See at the Cannes Film Festival

Construct your cinema strategy around these must-see picks coming out of the glamorous event.

Wild Bunch
OF 11

Goodbye to Language

He’s more than earned his place in the annals of film history as the face of the French New Wave, but cantankerous Jean-Luc Godard isn’t one to sit back and revel in the glowing adulation of film students everywhere. The 83-year-old is still a regular presence at Cannes; his last work, Film Socialisme, was in the running for 2010’s Un Certain Regard award. So no matter how oblique, challenging or provocative Goodbye to Language will turn out to be—probably all three—Godard’s latest, starring Héloise Godet (pictured here) and shot in 3D, is an absolute must for any true cineaste. Category: Competition.