10 Exclusive Artworks from New York’s Armory Show

Spotting art-world trends at the city's grande-dame fair.

Courtesy of Aicon Gallery
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Somnath Hore: Untitled (Wound Series) (1972)

Considered a major pioneer of modern art in India, Somnath Hore’s sculptures, sketches and prints deal with significant historical crises of 20th-century India. This particular paper-pulp work is part of a limited series that explores the racial climate of the postcolonial nation as depicted by the idea of a wound that won’t heal. With its scar-like disruptions, the piece offers a gentle way of abstracting the horrors of war, conceptualizing gruesome moments of pain and suffering through the fissures Somnath creates on delicate handmade paper. On view at Aicon Gallery, the Armory Show Modern, Pier 92.