10 Cult Coffee Shops

These third-wave cafés are taking our favorite habit to the next level.

Anders Valde
OF 15

Tim Wendelboe, Oslo

The man behind this eponymous coffee shop and micro-roastery may be one of the biggest names in coffee. World-renowned for his outspoken stance on origin farming practices (he cofounded Nordic Approach, which imports green—i.e., not yet roasted—coffee from farmers across the globe, and in 2015 he founded Finca el Suelo, an organic farm in Huila, Colombia), he’s also known for his advancement of the lighter, more divisive Scandinavian style of roasting. The practice, which produces fruitier, acidic qualities, isn’t always preferred over the nutty, caramel, and chocolate flavors of more ubiquitous dark roasts. Still, everyone can agree that the approach is helping to push coffee in new directions. Wendelboe’s lone shop is spare (a few chairs, a wood-paneled bar, roasting equipment) and focused (no food is served), making it quite likely that the master himself will be making whichever craft cup of coffee you choose. Grünersgate 1; 47-4/000-4062; timwendelboe.no.