10 Cookbooks for Summer

These recipe collections, covering everything from grilling essentials to homemade ice creams, will set you up for a season of good eating.

Courtesy of Chronicle Books
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The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique

Enough cocktail books have come out these days to keep any dilettante busy, but The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique, by Jeffrey Morgenthaler, adds something different to the mix. Bar manager at Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon, and keeper of a widely consulted blog (jeffreymorgenthaler.com), Morgenthaler is considered one of the industry’s most trusted resources. Rather than share a list of classic recipes you’ve already memorized—or worse, instruct on fancy showmanship—he offers straightforward, technique-driven advice on the essential components of a cocktail, dispensing wisdom that even the seasoned home bartender might not know (smooth-skinned citrus heavy for their size are good for juice; pebbled, brightly colored ones are better for garnish). He offers patient explanations in a serious tone as to why the basics matter and also dispels precious bartender BS. The book wasn’t created to make you a better sounding bartender—it was made to make you a savvier one. Available in June; chroniclebooks.com.