Top Airport Restaurants

Courtesy of The Fairmont

Some of the best chefs and culinary concepts are staking claims in terminals around the world—to delicious results.

While the promise of a favorite restaurant at the end of a flight can be incentive enough to get through a long day of travel, eating at the airport can be just as rewarding. Airport restaurants these days feature menus by some of the world’s top chefs—like Gordon Ramsay, Andrew Carmellini, Heston Blumenthal and Rick Bayless—with elevated concepts and cuisines that span the globe.

Henry Harteveldt, travel analyst for Atmosphere Research, attributes the proliferation of more upmarket airport-dining options to an increase in “dwell time” in the post-9/11 travel era, meaning airline passengers must arrive earlier to pass through security, a process that can last an indeterminate amount of time. People are also “simply more sophisticated in their eating habits and dining preferences,” he says, adding that, “they certainly want more options than the same old fast-food joints.”

From spot-on sushi at John F. Kennedy International to elevated British fare at London Heathrow to Michelin-level fine dining at Geneva International, here are 11 restaurants worth a stop.