Mary Ann Browning's Stay Fit Travel Kit

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Stay healthy on the road with these fitness and health
tips from a top New York personal trainer.

“Just because you are winging your way to parts unknown doesn’t mean you have to say bon voyage to your sleek silhouette or good eating and fitness habits,” says personal trainer Mary Ann Browning, whose Brownings Fitness is located in New York on Madison Avenue, with outposts at the Regency Hotel, Morgans Hotel, Core Club and Southampton. “Maintaining a healthy regimen while you’re on the road is an essential part of creating and keeping your ideal body shape for life.”

When her clients are getting ready to take a trip, Browning helps them assemble what she calls a “Stay Fit Travel Kit,” filled with suggestions on how to work out and eat right. “This way they can be sure to stay on top of the game, no matter where in the world they find themselves,” she says. Herewith, six of Browning’s travel secrets.