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© Courtesy of Le Grand Véfour

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Le Grand Véfour, Paris

Built in 1784 and frequented by the likes of Victor Hugo and Napoleon Bonaparte, the 200-plus-year-old French eatery has managed to bottle the essence of classic Parisian elegance. Featuring gilded ceilings, lush crimson accents and a silver cheese trolley (with varieties arranged from mild to sharp so as not to overwhelm the palate), the posh dining room delights the senses. Guy Martin keeps the menu fresh, serving dishes like a truffle oxtail parmentier and an artichoke crème brûlée. Nested under the arches of the Palais Royal, Le Grand Véfour is utterly special in the most old-world of ways. 17 Rue de Beaujolais; 33-1/4296-5627; grand-vefour.com.

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