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Angavallen, Vellinge, Sweden

At Angavallen, located in southern Sweden, owner Rolf Axel Nordström allows heritage-breed pigs, chickens, cows and sheep to roam freely year-round over the farmland and hotel grounds. “It’s organic farming the way it’s been done for 70 years,” says Nordström, emphasizing that only regional farm stock, like his gray-and-black-spotted pigs and Swedish forest sheep, could thrive on his regimen of sustainable nonintervention. (Every August, for example, he lets the pigs into his fields to clean up the weeds.) Meanwhile, more than 20 full-time employees keep the farm running, which, with 130 sows, 200 sheep and 130 cows, produces more than enough stock for the seasonal tasting menus. One fall specialty is blood pudding, made to celebrate the traditional Swedish holiday of St. Martin’s Eve on November 10; other delicacies include veal, lamb, sausage, housemade cheeses, foraged mushrooms and eight varieties of mustard made from seeds grown on the property. Rooms, from $121; Norra Håslövs Byväg; 46-40/423-250; angavallen.se.

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