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Theo, Seattle, Washington

Opening in 2006, Theo was the first fully organic and fair-trade chocolate factory in the United States. To its founders, Joe Whinney and Debra Music, “chocolate isn’t just a product—it’s a journey.” From the company’s name (a play on Theobroma cacao) to its whimsical paper design, that journey is planned meticulously. The popular tour starts from a waiting area that hawks the bars, truffles and ganache for which Theo has become famous. While flavors range from the interesting—curry coconut, peach Riesling—to the traditional dark, they all come from eco-friendly farms in the world’s equatorial chocolate belt. In Theo’s roasting rooms, tour guides educate visitors on how small-batch production with social awareness is a delicious way to go. 1-hour tour, $6; 3400 Phinney Ave. N.; 206-632-5100; theochocolate.com.

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