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Limited-Edition Brewery Collaborations


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Golden Goddess: Goose Island Beer Co. and Intelligentsia Coffee

Hashed out over beer and pinball at a dive bar called Cobra Lounge on the west side of Chicago, Golden Goddess is the brainchild of a handful of Goose Island brewers and Doug Palas, a tea master at Intelligentsia Coffee (intelligentsiacoffee.com). The German-style Kölsch is infused with black oolong tea and is the seventh beer in Goose Island’s limited-edition Fulton & Wood collaboration series. “We wanted to incorporate the bitterness of this tea in the actual brewing process, and not just by blending it at a later point,” says brewer Andy Ellis. “We added this tea during our kettle boil, our whirlpool, and then we also did something similar to a dry hopping of beer. Rather than using hops for this, we actually dry hopped the tank with tea.” Available in the Chicagoland area by draft only beginning in early February; gooseisland.com.

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