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© Courtesy of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

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4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Tatai, Cambodia

Over-water bungalows aren’t strictly the domain of French Polynesian resorts—as proven by the 12 graceful “tent villas,” suspended on floating docks atop Cambodia’s green Tatai River. The property, set in the thickly forested Koh Kong region, south of the Thai border, is home to hundreds of mammal and bird species, including endangered clouded leopards, great hornbills and Malaysian sun bears. Though sightings of these are rare, you’ll almost certainly hear the hooting of gibbons at sunrise from your plush rattan bed, encounter myriad butterflies and lizards on guided jungle treks or spot jumping fish as you kayak down the river. Your tent’s WiFi and flat-screen TV will seem like an afterthought. From $159; ecolodges.asia.

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