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City: Milan

Get a glorious slice of this vibrant metropolis in June and September. The first ten days of June mark the Festa del Naviglio, when the canal area fills with antiques markets, food stands and the occasional parade. Men’s Fashion Week runs June 22 through June 27, and for one day in mid-June (the date has yet to be announced) the city’s restaurants and bars stay open all night for the annual La Notte Bianca party. The Formula 1 Gran Prix (September 9) and Women’s Fashion Week (beginning September 18) come later. Armani Hotel Milano (from $775; 31 Via Manzoni; 39-02/8883-8888), which opened last fall and is pictured here, is a design-hotel lover’s dream. Armani approved every touch and based many decisions (such as foyers in each room) on his own home. An innovative glass “hat” on the top floors allows for panoramic views of the Duomo, from Armani Ristorante and Armani/SPA.

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