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10 New Luxury Islands


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Pátmos, Greece

If You Love: Skiathos, for the quaint Greek island life.

Instead Try: Pátmos, the northernmost island of Greece’s Dodecanese chain.

Getting There: Fly into Sámos, Kos or Léros Island and take a hydrofoil to reach Pátmos.

You Should Know: Ever since Mamma Mia! was filmed on Skiathos and neighboring Skopelos, tourism has exploded, so it’s well worth moving on to a Greek island that isn’t overrun. Like Skiathos, Pátmos has beautiful beaches (sand beaches are only on several of the Greek islands) and a healthy does of charm. It also has a history of spirituality (it was once the pilgrimage location of choice for Christians for its association with St. John the Divine) and it’s easy to see why: The island’s mostly untouched terrain makes it a serene retreat.

Where to Stay: Venture to the picturesque town of Chorá, which offers a mix of classic Greek whitewashed buildings and medieval mansions like the charming and bright four-bedroom Petra Villa (rental from $1,330; Chora, Patmos Island; 30-224/703-4020; petrahotel-patmos.com). It’s close to the cave of the apocalypse, where St. John is believed to have written the “Book of Revelations.”

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