Memberships to Have Now

Courtesy of CORE: club

From grand international extensions of private clubs to exclusive perks only those in the know can possess, nine ways to elevate the everyday.

These days we’re bombarded with must-have memberships, from chic collaborative offices to Netflix (the new black, after all, is binge-watching). In a globalized world, member-based organizations have never mattered—or meant—more. One possible reason? A growing number of entrepreneurs, no longer office bound, who are looking for spaces away from home where they can work and mingle with like-minded people—either literally or digitally. “When you’re part of an elite group it can lead to networking, new friends, even relationships,” says VIP concierge Lia Batkin of lifestyle consultancy In the Know Experiences.

The new members-only clubs, however, rely less on pure cash (though there’s still plenty of that) and more on cachet. Some are deliberately low-cost, aiming to whittle down applications by word of mouth rather than by size of wallet. Batkin believes this highly curated method is perhaps the most exclusive approach. “It means,” she says, “members are more special than the average person.”  

Read on for our VIP list of must-have memberships.